Telecom Tools Online Great tools for looking up NPA/NXX, LATA, and switch info
TelcoExchange THE site for telecommunications service comparisons
PacBell/ASI DSL Help Desk Support numbers and links for PacBell DSL
The Extremely Unofficial Pacbell ADSL Page The title says it all
Broadband Guide Communications magazines online
Communications Equipment Bid List Used RF and fiber gear
Savage Culture A look back at the history of the telephone
ISDN Hardware Details on all aspects of ISDN hardware and service
LCXR Site A website dedicated to the old AT&T transcontinental cable
Florida LCXR Sites Site detailing the Florida Ellisville and Windermere sites
Communications Library MCIWorldcom's Telecommunications Glossary
The Adventures of Tip and Ring Two characters learn about line pressurization
Computer Telephony Glossary A dictionary for all that is telephony
Telecommunications Glossary 2000 Glossary of telecommunications terms
LincMad Telephone Area Codes and Splits